Chapter 1: The Mindsets

  1. Is there a talent or ability you would like to have but don’t? How do you know you don’t have it—what’s the evidence?
  2. Can you name one thing you could do to develop that ability? Two?
  3. Can you think of a time you faced an important opportunity or challenge with a fixed mindset? What were your thoughts and worries—about your abilities? about other people’s judgments? about the possibility of failure? Describe them vividly.
  4. Now, can you take that same opportunity or challenge and switch into a growth mindset? Think of it as a chance to learn new things. What are the plans and strategies you’re thinking about now?
  5. Is there someone in your life (a boss, mate, friend, child) with a fixed mindset—someone who won’t take risks, who can’t admit mistakes, who falls apart or gets defensive after setbacks? Do you understand that person better now?


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