Chapter 8: Changing Mindsets

  1. Think about the last time you had a major setback, failure or rejection in your life. Did you hear the fixed mindset voice in your head? What did it say? Now, how would you answer it with a growth mindset voice? What would that dialogue sound like?
  2. Think of something about yourself you’ve been wanting to change. What is it? Has a fixed mindset prevented you from doing this? Think about it from a growth mindset and spell out a concrete plan for change.
  3. Think about a new diet. What new strategies would you use to help yourself observe the diet? What would you think, feel, and do the first time your fell off the diet? What could you learn from your “failure” and how would you get back on track?
  4. Is there an area in your life where winning is everything? What does winning mean to you? What does losing mean about you? Watch yourself in those situations and see how your mind is working. Now, what could you do to introduce a growth mindset into your thinking? Give some examples.
  5. Do you use feeling bad as a reason for doing nothing? When you feel disappointing, thwarted, cheated, or depressed, do you use this as a reason to stop trying? What steps could you take to help growth mindset thinking overcome your fixed-mindset? Discuss a specific plan.